Becoming a Member


PFMC welcomes all who are interested in promoting and supporting American and international music, performers, and music education. We welcome those who are interested in networking with area music professionals or just be an appreciative listener at club meetings and concerts. As a grassroots organization working in communities throughout America, we provide musical opportunities for all ages: professionals and amateur musicians, benefactors, volunteers, music lovers, music teachers, music students, and supportive parents.

Each local club has it’s unique focus and the mission in their community but all share wonderful fellowship in musical opportunities! 


If you are a teacher of the youth choir, or teach piano, voice, or dance, fill out the Application for Organization Membership. Area clubs would love to have your students share what they do at club meetings and special events. 

Adults are always welcome to contact the area clubs to inquire about upcoming meetings to attend. Join an area club by contacting them and requesting a membership form, (varies by club) and then attending meetings and become involved! 

Collegiate musical groups are encouraged to join, as well, to give your students access to numerous award opportunities available through NFMC and PFMC. Discover many opportunities and activities in which over 121,000 members nationwide participate: Festival programs, competitive events, community outreach or just meeting music lovers in your community!

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