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Charlene Hubbard, President

I want to welcome you to the Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs. In 1916, just 28 years after the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) click here, was founded, representatives from the Pennsylvania State Teachers Association and numerous State Music Clubs from 7 cities came together on November 8th and took the initial steps to become a state organization under the NFMC…Read more

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Fostering a love of music…

PFMC’s Mission is to bring Pennsylvania’s musical clubs, organizations and individuals together:

  • to promote American music and encourage American composers and performers to develop and maintain high musical standards, reaching their greatest potential; 
  • to support and encourage musical groups and individuals with monetary awards and certificates, as well as opportunities to be of service to communities; and
  • to serve as a channel for competitions offered at the local, state and national levels for both youth and adults.

Musical organizations, music teachers, composers, music students and all lovers of music are invited to be a part of our Federation. Our organization consists of teachers, performers, composers, listeners and, all of us, as perennial students and lovers of this most wonderful art. Membership is all inclusive: professionals, amateurs and supporters of the arts.

The Federation welcomes everyone. For more information, browse our website and contact us.

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“Surrounding the national seal is the keystone, symbol of Pennsylvania,
supporting and drawing on the National Federation of Music Clubs.”