2022 Junior Festivals State Piano Competition

Special thanks to all participating studios and the talented students who traveled with their families to the PFMC STATE PIANO FINALS 2022 in Williamsport.

The event was well-run by a group of hard working volunteers: Charlene Hubbard, PFMC President/WestRegional Competition Chair; Kristin Ivers, PFMC Vice President/host; Barbara Murray, PFMC Festivals Chair/Awards; Linda Maurhoff, PFMC Treasurer/PFMC Past President; Susan Stillo, East Regional Competition Chair/Registrar.

Thank you, also, to the volunteer Club members from Williamsport and Darlene Ziegler of Allentown for their assistance in running the event.

As we progress into the future,  we will continue to evaluate and  improve to better serve all the studios and Junior members of PFMC. It takes a village, so we may be calling on YOU for your help. All the current organizers of this Competition serve the Association in various capacities on National, State, Local levels. Please consider giving a small amount of time to make this event a continued success for our students.

Meet the judges…

Marcos Krieger, Joanne Yang, John Ravert

PFMC State Piano Competition

April 30, 2022 Williamsport, Pa

Piano Solo Level Winners: $50 award (+$25 and medal as Regional winner)

Medium   Kaeda Cook My Heart Belongs to You    by Bober         Teacher: Mosteller (W)

MD 1   Caden Lewis    Etude Brilliante                     by Goldston    Teacher: Krouse (W)

MD 2   Ethan Nguyen L’Adieu                                    by Tingley        Teacher: Kuntz (E)

MD3    Everett Roy     Rhapsody Mystique               by Miller          Teacher: Rasmussen (E)

Diff1    Eddy Zhang     Elfin Round Op.7 No.6          by MacDowell  Teacher: Ziegler (E)

Diff2    Liam Greenan Prelude No.2                           by Gershwin    Teacher: Besser (E)

VD1     Sydney Montgomery  Northern Lights         by Olson          Teacher: Barley (W)

VD2     Noah Casto     Toccata Tempestosa              by Alexander   Teacher: Barley (W)

MA1    Jordan Chen    Piano Prelude No.1                by Valenti        Teacher: Kelleher (E)

MA2    Thomas Gilchrist Prelude Bm Op.32 no.10  by Rachmaninoff   Teacher: Ziegler (E)

Concerto Winner: $100 and Engraved Plaque

Inara Niaz        Concerto no. 23 in A Major K488 Mvt.3    by Mozart       Teacher: Kuntz (E)

Grand Prizes: Check and Engraved Plaque

$400 Aikens- Cadman Award (bi-yearly)                Thomas Gilchrist. Teacher: Ziegler

$250 PFMC President’s Award                                  Jordan Chen Teacher: Kelleher

$100 PFMC Memorial Award                                     Ethan Nguygen Teacher: Kuntz

$100 Honorary Award                                                Ethan Kamau  Teacher: Maurhoff (W)

$50 Noteworthy Award                                              MaryGrace Grego  Teacher: Wood (W)

$50 Noteworthy Award                                              Michael Costello   Teacher: Barley (W)

$50 Noteworthy Award                                              Caden Lewis      Teacher: Krouse         

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Special Recognition and Grand Prize Winners and their teachers