78th Annual NE Region Federation Days at Chautauqua Institution

Ruth Ann McChesney, NE Region Vice President, is to be thanked and appreciated for her many hours of planning, communication, and emails towards making our weekend at Chautauqua a memorable one! Enjoy the pictures to follow, which convey the fun we had, the business we carried out, and the beauty of that beautiful place we all know and love as Chautauqua!

NE Region Federation members from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and PA after the Saturday AM meeting
The Miller Bell Tower
NE Region Chautauqua choir participants: Heather Buffington, PA/ Carol Koehler, PA/ Ruth Ann McChesney, PA/ Pat Walter, PA/ Virginia Kleeberg, IN/ Penny Draper, MI
NE Region Recording Secretary Penny Draper from East Lansing, Michigan and
NE Region Vice President: Ruth Ann McChesney from Mars, …. Pennsylvania
Jeannine Morris, OH, (Right) leads everyone in the NFMC Collect
Virginia Kleeberg, IN, gives NE Region Treasurer report, pictured also is Pat Walter, Parliamentarian
Michigan State President, Arlene Anger gives her report
Kristin Ivers reads Pennsylvania State President, Charlene Hubbard’s report

Pat Walter taking care of Bylaw business with a smile!
Peg Bryan’s earrings “Brightened the Corner”! … every corner she found!
Peg Bryan, IN gave the State President report from Indiana.
Karl Morris, OH gave out some American Music awards
Linda Flick receives an award from Karl Morris on behalf of her club
Ruth Ann gets everyone’s attention with her famous finger whistle… workshop, please!
“Fast Forward”, Sweet Adelines, Int. : Linda Wrhen, Christa Collins, Faith Federici, Kim Ackerman
Michigan’s Vice President brought her daughter along for the weekend. We all enjoyed helping her celebrate her 7th birthday!
Jimmy Berger, recipient of the PFMC $500 award, studying piano at Bard College Conservatory.
Ruth Ann presenting Jimmy Berger his NFMC certificate.
These kids WOWED the audience with their exuberant performance!
After giving a BRILLIANT performance!! Thank you, Rachel!
Now the day is over ….
Kristin Ivers remembers those from our Pennsylvania clubs who passed from us since this time last year