NFMC Festivals in Pennsylvania

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NFMC Festivals program

The Festivals Program of the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) provides an opportunity for music students to perform before judges and receive constructive evaluations of their performances. Festivals are held across the country and are open to all members of the NFMC through State Federations organized under the NFMC. The program is designed to stimulate interest in American and international music and encourage participants to strive for high standards of musical achievement. Although it is not a competition, the Federation Festivals program provides participants a wide range of performance opportunities in all skill levels to build confidence and to increase in musical proficiency.

Junior clubs

Each adult member of the Pennsylvania Federation may form a studio or group of students into what is known in the federation as a junior club. Those students are then eligible to participate in all Federation events, including the Federation Festivals program. To ‘federate’ your students into a junior club, simply fill out and submit the Application for Organization Membership and pay the annual required local and state dues to the PFMC Treasurer. (In Pennsylvania, the deadline for federating a Junior Club is Dec. 31. Contact the PFMC Treasurer for more information.)

Festivals are only one of many offerings to our students. Federating a junior club through the PFMC allows students to participate in other state and national competitions, awards, scholarships and music camps. Membership in the NFMC offers a rich array of musical opportunities.

Pennsylvania Festivals

The Pennsylvania Federation’s festivals serve approximately 1,400 students across the state. Our students have opportunity to perform in many events, including solo piano, piano ensemble, strings, voice, music theory, a variety of other instruments, and dance. Teachers register their students annually for the early-spring area festivals. Teachers are responsible for compliance with all policies and rules as published in the NFMC Federation Festivals Bulletin, including the selection of acceptable repertoire for each instrument and level of ability. The Federation Festivals Bulletin may be purchased through the NFMC. Click here to view the 2024 Festivals areas and dates.

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NFMC Junior Festivals Bulletin Chair: Lori Jessen, Editor

Liability Insurance for Pennsylvania Festivals

For the safety and protection of all of our students, the Federation Festivals program requires child protection standards and offers event insurance coverage through the NFMC. Area festivals may apply for event liability insurance coverage by submitting the liability require and signed child protection forms to the PFMC Festivals Chair, Barbara Murray.