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Organization Memberships - Dues and Fees, Org. Application Form

Active Associate
Senior Division (age 27 and over) Organizations formed for the purpose of
promoting the study of music performance.
Organizations formed for the purpose of promoting a specific musical project such as choral societies, orchestra/orchestral associations, opera companies/guilds, music teachers' organizations, local alumni chapters of music fraternities or sororities, church choirs, church orchestras, and church bands/groups dedicated to promoting a concert series in their community.
Student/Collegiate Division (ages 19-26) Clubs, choirs and orchestras. College groups, music schools and departments, choirs, bands, orchestras and similar organizations.
Junior Division (age 18 and under) Clubs, bands, choirs and studios. Organizations such as bands, orchestras, choirs and choruses.

Individual Memberships - Ind. Application Form (with fees listed)

Annual Memberships
Senior Collegiate Junior

Permanent Memberships
Life Subscriber Donor
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