Dushore Music Club

The Dushore Music Club is affiliated with the Pennsylvania and National Federation of Music Clubs. The National Federation has been dedicated to music education and the promotion of creative and performing arts in America since 1888.


 *  Develop the education and expression of talent of its members;

 *  Promote interest in music in the community;

 *  Encourage young local musicians.

History: The Dushore Music Club was organized in 1935 by Miss Rowena Hermann.

Events: Through the years, the club has initiated and supported projects to fulfill its purposes.

Membership: Membership is open to everyone who enjoys music and would participate in the programs and activities of the club and support its goals.


President:  Barbara Murray
Vice-President & Acting Secretary: Kay Homer
Treasurer: Peggy Anderson
Federation Secretary: Joanna Murray

Meetings: The Dushore Music Club meets the third Tuesday of each month except in December, January, July, and August.

Location: Dushore, Pennsylvania is located in northern Sullivan County about 50 miles northeast of Williamsport.

Contact: For further information, contact any of the officers or any member of the club.

Here are the members of Dushore Music Club’s in person meeting! We had fun singing and doing an operetta called “Forgotten Forget Me Not.”