2021 West Piano Competition Winners

$250 1st Place, PFMC Presidents Award to Tabo Mkanclawire, performing Soaring Over Sedona by Carol Matz, Difficult I. Teacher: Joy Robinson

$100 2nd Place, PFMC Honorary Award to Sydney Montgomery, performing Alla Tarantelle, Op. 39, No. 2 by Edward MacDowell, Difficult II. Teacher: Katherine Barley

$100 3rd Place, PFMC Honorary Award to Noah Casto, performing Chaconne by Jeanine Yeager, Very Difficult I. Teacher: Katherine Barley

$75 Special Recognition Awards:

Salah Burton, performing Tango Coprichoso by Eugenie Rocherolle, Medium. Teacher: Joy Robinson

Jacquelyn Jardini, performing Reverie by Robert D. Vandall, Moderately Difficult I. Teacher: Kristianna Gizzi

Abigail Zuback, performing Just Moseyin’ Along by Phil Hamm, Moderately Difficult I. Teacher: Joy Robinson

Camila Alvarez, performing Flight of the Mourning Dove by Mary Leaf, Moderately Difficult II. Teacher: Dee Ann Symington